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"Why Should I Be a Member of MAA?"

by Leslie Papel, Au.D.

Whether you are an owner or employee of a larger medical, nonprofit, or private business, MAA membership is important to your professional life. These are only a few of the reasons to join:

  1. convention
  2. representation
  3. legislative presence
  4. web site presence
  5. advocacy

The most obvious reason is the convention, a gathering of your peers for education and to share important information about the ongoing activities of your professional community. The annual convention brings a variety of respected and knowledgeable individuals to speak on topics of the day, as well as offer a terrific opportunity for your professional growth. But the convention, with its great speakers, silent auction, buck-a-book fundraiser, wonderful exhibits, and brain stumping, comedic relief Trivia Bowl, is only one aspect of MAA.

Representation of audiologists is an integral part of why MAA exists. Our recent Care First/Blue Cross Blue Shield crisis is a perfect example of how MAA has stepped up to protect our patientsí right to choose hearing aid technology based on recommendations from US. Page 6 Maryland Audiology We are the experts. Not the insurance companies. And we must be at the table when important decisions about practicing hearing health care are being decided.

The third reason to join MAA is supporting a legislative presence. Our Annapolis liaison, Julia Worcester, lobbyist, is the eyes and ears of our state profession. Julia monitors relevant issues, giving us a perspective crucial for medical professionals in Maryland.

A fourth reason for MAA membership is the MAA web site. Updated this past year, we are a resource for internet searching would-be patients looking for an audiology professional. Potential patients are directed to consumer information on our web site and provide a wonderful link to your services. Our web site has also brought our organization into the new millennium with on line voting and membership renewals.

Advocacy on behalf of audiologists and our patients is a monumental reason to be a member of MAA. Our patients expect us to provide services with integrity and compassion. As audiologists, we must advocate for the profession to be THE professional responsible for hearing health care. These goals will only be achieved if all Maryland audiologists are participating in the process.

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